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The first 10, 000 days of our journey into this world marks the pinnacle of developmental advancement. What we do know in 2020 is that genetically we are pre-disposed to one specific element of this life. TRAUMA (Stress & Anxiety). During Utero our primal blue print begins by energetically stamping us with a signature that is our story. The result of Generational Trauma passed down. 50% of mental illness or personality disorders begin before the age of 14. From this one in seven young people aged 4 to 17 years experience a mental health condition in any given year. One in ten young people aged 12-17 years old will self-harm, one in 13 will seriously consider a suicide attempt, and one in 40 will attempt suicide.

Our Mission

Mentor and develop the youth of today. Re-create a new narrative and developmental framework for children to flourish and explore self actualising techniques.

Our Purpose

  • The purpose of this mission is to mitigate and eliminate the risk of:

  • Adolescent Mental Illness Disorders, Bullying, Identity Fragility, Personality disrupt, Cognitive Dissonance and Generational Trauma.

The Stages


I am

Identify self limiting beliefs and design new operating language.


I will

Design and create intention. Manifest and implementation.


I can

Acknowledge - Pursue - Repeat


Breath work:  We breathe our way into this life and we breathe our way out. The subtle pause in between breaths is where our life begins to take shape. This process soon becomes an automation, and before to long we find that our bodies are breathing us and there in lies the first key to mitigating further disassociation. We have developed a completely new framework to guide our Young Guru's into a new space of awareness.We do this with strategic Breath protocols that accompany the intrinsic work we facilitate.

This process is then integrated into the lifestyles of our Young Guru's and soon becomes an everyday practise. Solidifying the very purpose of our mission. The breath work we utilise brings about awareness of self, offering a dynamic opportunity to shift self limiting beliefs and mitigate non-effective language. As part of our program each participant will take part in revolutionary breathing practises that they will have 24 hour access to whenever they need. The importance of connecting each participant to their breath is to bring high levels of optimisation within their internal world and avoid external motivation.

Mindset and Language : When we connect to deeper levels of consciousness we unravel years of pre-programmed conditioning handed down from generations of survival and all encompassing environments. It is here we lay the foundations of self mastery and resilience based ethics. We offer each participant the opportunity to explore the self identifying that which does not serve anymore and substituting it with 'A new way' forward. During this practise the participants identify how and why their previous self came to be. Whilst identifying and working through past programming is a vital step towards self mastery there needs to be a foundational set of principles to move towards.

The participants will take this step forward into a deeper level of understanding on individual Language and Internal dialogue. These principles will be different for each participant as each story will be different. Our aim is to prioritise our current state of mind and bring it into coherence with our manifested future. Changing the language of our internal world will change the perception of our external world. This process is all about simplicity, keeping our self limiting thoughts out of our developing minds. When we bring our manifested future to the present and align it with our current emotional capacity we create a set of goals to aim for.

Exposure: Our exposure protocols are less about exposing the participants and strictly about bringing awareness to stressed induced scenarios/situations. Every scenario is a simulation that will invoke or trigger a sympathetic or para-sympathetic response physiologically. The participants get to explore the creative opportunities of controlling controllable's and letting go of what they cannot. This crucial element to self-actualising mastery is the catalyst for overcoming anxiety, stress, low self esteem and decreased motivation.

Our exposure methods explore modalities such as breath work, Primal Movement patterns, Co-ordination, Cold Immersion (Ice-baths) and a myriad of other psychosocial language techniques. Everything we facilitate as part of our Exposure module is all within the capability and operational capacity of each participant. At the conclusion of this module each and every participant will have instant techniques to move into the world with confidence and spiritual prowess.

Course Information

The Young Guru's Intake run's for a consecutive 5 weeks/2 days a week. Session's run for 90 minutes and each participant will be issued a Student Package which will have everything they need to take part in the course.


At the consolidation of the course each participant will be awarded a certificate to acknowledge their achievement and participation. Each participant will be given ongoing support and mentorship if required/requested. And further information or future opportunities will be made available for both participants and supporting faculty (family, parents, friends, teachers...).

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