Frequently asked questions

What is Breath work?

Breath Work is the practise of becoming consciously aware of how we breathe day to day. A larger percentage of our civilisation either breathe inefficiently or beyond their individual respiratory capacity. This creates a myriad of health irregularities that can quickly evolve into major health conditions. When we breathe beyond our bodies respiratory capacity (incorrectly) our bodies find easier ways to adapt to its environments and conditions (compensatory behaviours). Over time this can be detrimental to an individuals health if not diagnosed early. Breath Work is the catalyst for our human race reaching its peak expression.

I do Wim Hof Breath Work, why is your work so different?

Wim Hof has taken Breath Work to the pinnacle of acknowledgement, pushing the human limit beyond the capacity of what we know. He does this through a specific breath protocol that has been practised for centuries by Taoist and Buddhist Monks. Breath Work Holistically is the ability to bring ones body into alignment by breathing with specific intention. Humans take over 20, 000 individual breaths every single day, a very very small percent of these breaths are taken with ultimate conscious awareness and so our bodies are living in a constant state of survival. Our Breath Work protocols are designed to elicit an emotional response, offering the opportunity to explore the conscious mind and all its bandwidth. This is the ultimate way to heal our Trauma and move beyond a state of Survival into a state of Peak Expression.

Can Breath Work really fix my physical and emotional ailments?

YES! We have worked with thousands of humans across the globe who have healed hundreds of different health irregularities just through the power of breath work and manifesting a lifestyle of peak expression. The catalyst for change has been that of the acceptance of moving beyond the identity each individual has bestowed upon themselves. We have worked with humans experiencing health conditions such as Arthritis, Cancer, Gout, Asthma, Respiratory Dysfunction, Skin irregularities, PTSD, Depression, Hormonal Imbalance, PCOS, Fatigue, Burn out, Suicidal Thoughts, Obesity, and a very long list of further clinical diagnosed health conditions. NOTE: Whilst we 100% believe that breath work can and does improve overall health and all of the above, we also acknowledge that some health conditions can be too acute for immediate breath work prescription.

What does Bio-Hacking have to do with breath?

Breath Based Bio-Hacking is our ability to unlock our full human potential through conscious awareness and Breath Work.

What is spiritual awareness?

Spiritual awareness is recognising and acknowledging our feelings and sense of being apart of something much greater than ourselves. Our lives are much more than our sensory experience and perceptions and therefore we believe our existence is a direct result of our intrinsic and extrinsic perceptions.