Our Story

We hold space. It’s this very concept that creates a framework for humans to explore the deeper aspects of what life really is about. With this key principle our community determined to optimise all aspects of emotional, physical and spiritual growth to create a more intrinsic connection with each individual. Our Health and Wellness model is developed through Holistic practises, and strengthened by real life healing results within the learning environment. The responsibility of our community is to ensure all aspects of our core values are practised each and every day. 


As a Tribe we share a passion for education, adaptability, growth, and resilience. Life cannot change without it. This concept of living each day by a code of principles is what keeps our life balanced.

HRVST Founders

William & Cassie Burnett

Our application is simply put… Accountability, Awareness, Language and a will to overcome adversity. The platform we have created helps humans identify the shortcuts they have been looking for through a holistic scope of awareness and teaching. We treat the body as a single organism. Alive, and intended for greatness.


Our approach to health and wellbeing is purely holistic, and challenges the western ideology of medicine and treating humans. When we speak of language, we speak directly to the conversation we as humans are having with our physical bodies. Your life should be without intervention and it should consist of daily bouts of greatness, love and happiness…it’s time to return to that!


Meet the Team


Founder/Head Coach

William was born and raised on the east coast of Australia.

He is a well rounded athlete and spent most of his career dabbling in various competition environments amongst the functional fitness scene. 

Since leaving the military William dedicates most of his spare time to his holistic practises and continuous study within the field.


His passion for life consistently finds him exploring the ultimate avenues of happiness and fulfilment and this is no different to the atmosphere of coaching he provides. His ability to diagnose and action dysfunction within the human condition is a true testament to his ‘practise what you preach’ methodology.


William is hungry for knowledge and the search for human optimisation will never stop for him. He believes that with a disciplined mind and resilient heart nothing is impossible.


He is a father, a husband, brother, friend, and more importantly student of life.

His capacity for human development stems directly from these roles creating a diverse approach to showing up in the world and being of service.

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Cassie is a mother to two beautiful souls and has been blessed with an additional 2 bonus daughters. She is student of a holistic lifestyle. She enjoy's learning about different modalities of healing and living a life that is of service and love to her community. She spent years her my life living with anxiety, depression and at one stage battling medical ailments that were “undiagnosable” which untimely was given the title of PTSD.


Her original love for breath work stems from her first session with William doing an hour long breath journey. The emotions and memories that resurfaced she was able to process and let go of the tension that she was holding in her physical body. Trauma had previously plagued her life and made her live out of fear instead of living from a place of love.


She has found that healing traumas through breath work is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle in which occurs when you use a tool that keeps you alive. By being present and mindful, you give yourself permission to explore the unconscious mind and return back to the ultimate state of being human. The healing journey is one of trials and triumph. Cassie and William  are passionate about holding space and creating a safe container that encourages one to break down their self created barriers and allows you to become human.

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What We Value


Acceptance promotes awareness, and awareness is where our journey of healing begins. One cannot accept others is one cannot accept themselves fully first.



Trust cannot exist without the parameters of acceptance and awareness guiding its way. To be part of a community is to know and trust that each and every member is ready to love and be of service. Trust comes from within and is the pillar of strength when facing our own internal darkness.



We honour space. We honour individuality. We trust one another. We accept each and every soul. And we honour our power as sentient beings experiencing life. 



Language holistically is part of our Devine practise. Everything we do as humans is triggered by dialogue or internal/external language. How we do one thing is how we do everything. Effective non-violent communication is part of the developmental framework for Trust, Honour and Acceptance and everything we do revolves around integrating effective talk.



We exist and then we exist together. Our community is why we explore these avenues for peak pursuit. It creates effective resolve in the process to self mastery and allows balance when our external world becomes too much. Tribe means we stand together. Tribe means I see you. Tribe means I accept you. Tribe means I love you.


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