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HRVST is a holistic collective of intuitive and passionate humans dedicated to the art of language. It’s our belief that we have the opportunity to explore the human condition and its ultimate potential through the following innate channel.

 The body is an energetic signature, it will work at its highest performance when in alignment.

“The ultimate human bio hack is to love.” - William Burnett



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What can             do for you?

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Bio-Hacking is our ability to unlock our full human potential through conscious awareness and breath work. 


We reach our peak human expression through the acknowledgement and healing of all of our traumas and lives before. 

Spiritual awereness

Spiritual awareness is recognising and acknowledging our feelings and sense of being apart of something much greater than ourselves. 


Our words are spells! We create our life through the energy and thought we manifest. When we elevate an emotion and attach it to an outcome we are creating magic within the quantum field. 

A Word from Our Clients

Amy Armstrong

I was blessed to attend the Becoming Human Breathwork Seminar yesterday. Just wow. It was an incredible experience in which at times I felt challenged, confronted, powerful, in control, serene and fulfilled. William so well articulates the power of breath work in relation to our mindset and our everyday stress and anxiety. He delivers the background information so you can understand the importance of breath to health and life, and offers the safe space to learn and practice.

If you want to raise your vibration, find a new level of alignment and learn to breathe your body, then find a way to work with William! We all breathe, so this is for everyone, and if you want to take your health to new heights then I couldn’t recommend more that you attend one of William and Cass’s Seminars.

Rod Centra

Over the previous few months I have attended 2 of HRVST’s Specialised programmes . The first session was with a group of Surf life savers from Seaspray Surf Club . It was called the Breath FX Workshop . After learning the unique breathing techniques, I personally found ways of incorporating these into everyday situations . Bill and his team’s delivery of the programme was very professional and made everyone feel comfortable during the session . The workshop concluded with an Ice bath. This was very challenging to begin with, but being able to utilises the specific breathing techniques when the body was put under stress was very rewarding . I would recommend these workshops to anyone wanting to experience what the benefits of breathing and cold water can have on the body and mind .

Sera Smits

The workshop I attended was conducted completely void of ego. The space held was safe and enabled me to do the work I needed to do, whilst feeling unobtrusively held. What I was able to achieve was well beyond even my own expectations. Our world would be a different place if more of us were able to access our innate power.



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